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Powering globalised supply chains with localised expertise

Ensure quality, compliance and on-time performance in your global supply chain with localised on-site monitoring performed by seasoned experts

On-site inspections by SKUteam experts

Supply Unchained

We challenge workflows that are chained to legacy practices which end up slowing down the speed of your supply chain. Our team of seasoned domain experts make in-person audits right at the factory floor to audit critical milestones within the production process to ensure quality, compliance and on-time delivery.

Industries Serviced

Home Furnishing
Footwear & Accessories

SuperWise™️ your production

with seasoned on-site assistance

Enforcement drives compliance like no other. Be it quality, social compliance or on-time performance, with SKUteam’s on-site performance monitoring, your products are made and shipped when you want it, how you want it and where you want it!

SuperWise™️ your production

with seasoned on-site assistance

Preserve your brand reputation

with quality being front and center

From sourcing to finished product shipping, SKUteam helps with inspecting pre-production samples to performing AQL audits, mitigating crippling delays that impacts production, costing you time, money and most importantly, your reputation! 

Speed up your

at a price that doesn’t pinch

Keep your supply chain informed

from your designer to your freight forwarder

Supply chains breakdown due to unforeseen delays. With SKUteam, worry no more! From the garment designer to your freight forwarder, we monitor the production, predict and communicate relevant milestones to the relevant stakeholders on your behalf ensuring smooth sailing of your merchandise from the factory to your warehouse.

Keep your supply chain informed

from your designer to your freight forwarder
Carefully Crafted Template

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Speed up your supply,

at a price that doesn’t pinch

With SKUteam, you pay a flat fee, for everything from finding you a factory to managing your production and performing AQL audits prior to ship out




Scope: Design Tours 

- Mood Board collaboration
- Design tour planning
- Design tour escort

Scope: Supplier shortlist

- Supplier introductions
- Validate certifications
- Design consultations

Scope: Compliance Audits

- Sustainability Audits
- Social Compliance Audits
- Maintain approved supplier lists



Scope: RFP to Sampling

- RFP response validation
- On-site sampling inspection
- Sample sealing

Scope: Sampling to Production

- Raw material inspection
- In-line audit against sealed sample
- On-time performance monitoring

Scope: Production to Ship Out

- Standardized on-site AQL 2.5 audit
- Export packaging compliance
- Ship-out date confirmation
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