Powering global
manufacturing with
local expertise
Our expert on-site monitoring and revolutionary
technology platform takes the pain and uncertainty
out of overseas sourcing and manufacturing
Why our partners love working with SILQ
Peace of Mind
On-site monitoring and reporting from your
factory floor ensures product quality
and reduces waste. Defective items won’t leave
the factory, let alone reach your customers.
We track material deliveries, anticipate
bottlenecks, motivate factories
and communicate accurate completion
dates to your logistics team. You will
never miss a launch date again!
All pending action items are compiled
in one easy-to-understand location on
our visually aided dashboards. No more
searching through emails or things
getting lost in translation!

In-Line Data
All the data you need to make informed
decisions on costing, replenishments and
sales forecasting in one place. Our open-ended
APIs make it easy to have data flow seamlessly
into your PLM. No more waiting, translating
or estimating your metrics.
No Data Entry
Up-to-date and complete production data
from the factory floor into our dashboard
without your team ever having to make
a single keystroke. No more begging your
factory for updates and no more manually
updating spreadsheets.
Full Night's Sleep
Between our on-site inspectors operating
in the local timezone of your factories
and our account management teams
working in your local timezone, we have
you covered all times of the day and
night! No more staying up until 2 AM to try
and catch your factory rep for an update.
Transparency in your
production process
Visibility into your factory has traditionally been nonexistent.
SILQ is raising the curtain with raw materials checks,
inline QC, updates every step of the way and
representatives that are happy to answer any questions. 
We are there, so you
don’t have to be

International travel is great... when you are on vacation.
SILQ will more than pay for itself in saving you from
making just one international “check-in” sourcing trip.
In the age of pandemic-related travel restrictions, having a
local team you can count on can make all the difference.
One platform for your
product lifecycle
A single source of truth. View all updates, milestones,
and tasks in real time as they occur.
Upfront and
Unparalleled Pricing

No hidden costs, backroom deals with suppliers or
percentage-based pricing. For the cost of sewing on a
label you receive all the savings in time, money and
sanity that working with SILQ ensures.
We're with you every step
of the way
Our team serves as an extension of yours. If you have a
problem we're here to help you solve it -- from sourcing
to logistics coordination. We enable your supply chain
from end-to-end.
What our customers say
"An essential element for us as we ventured into the Indian soft goods market."
Scott Graham
COO, Pinpoint Merchandising
"With SILQ as a partner, we have peace of mind."
Kuljit Rakhra
Founder, Takasa Lifestyle Company
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